Thursday, August 29, 2013

Aaron Kwok calls police to distract paparazzi

Despite having denied his relationship with model Anna Kay earlier, Hong Kong actor Aaron Kwok was at a loss when he was caught with the model at his apartment recently, and he had to call the police to disperse the paparazzi swarming outside his residence.

As reported on QQ website, on the night of 25 August, the Hong Kong paparazzi was alerted that Anna, who had spent a day at the "Cold War" actor's place last month, is back in Hong Kong and has been staying at Aaron's place.

At 9pm, the paparazzi spotted that the curtains at his house were moving, showing that there is someone trying to take a peek to make sure that the coast is clear.

Two hours later, the police arrived, saying that someone had made a call to them and reported about a mass gathering outside the apartment and quickly dispersed the paparazzi.

A few minutes after, a seven-seater car exited the premise with its curtains drawn, prompting several photographers to chase the vehicle, while others stayed put.

An hour later, approximately 12.20am, another car, owned by Aaron's good friend Eric Chow, exited the place with the 26-year-old model inside. Upon realising that they were still tailed by the paparazzi, Eric dropped Anna off at a nearby apartment where she then took another car to leave.

Source: Yahoo! Entertainment

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