Saturday, August 31, 2013

Juno Mak's directing debut to be released in North America

Juno Mak Chun Lung's directing debut RIGOR MORTIS (GEUNG SI) participated in the Venice Day and two days ago held a screening there. Some Mainland media felt that this JU-ON's Takashi Shimizu produced film from cinematography, art and character designs to martial art action were very stylized. Nina Paw Hee Ching who waited for her companion to take into a vampire even had an over 2 minute long monologue that was very memorable. Reportedly the film has already sold its U.S. and Canada distribution rights. In RIGOR MORTIS the Chin Siu Ho played out the hill action film star moved into a public housing estate unit 2442 and decided to commit suicide, but he ran into some people who changed his fate.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: hktopten

The King Of Thailand bestows Holy Mud for The White Dragon King's Contribution

Thailand's "White Dragon King" Chow Yam Nam passed away on the 17th. The funeral took place today and his remains will be buried in the family cemetery Yam Nam Hall. To honor the White Dragon King's contributions, the King of Thailand bestowed holy mud a royal representative delivered to the venue and a holy mud ceremony took place. The White Dragon King's remains will be buried with the holy mud.

Earlier Hong Kong artists Andy Lau Tak Wa, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai), Shawn Yue Man Lok, Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Andrew Lau Wai Keung, Nat Chan Pak Cheung, Wong Hung Sau and Peter Lam Kin Ngok all have pay their respect to the White Dragon King in Thailand. Yesterday the services began. Workers were present early on and Madame also showed a smile when playing with her grandson. Someone carried the King of Thailand's portrait to the hall and handled the floral arrangement arrivals. Timmy Hung Tin Ming sent a giant floral arrangement that was taller than the door. Yesterday a ceremony began at 1 PM at the White Dragon King temple. His family could not hold back their tears any longer and everyone chanted for the White Dragon King until 3 PM. Today's funeral begins at 7AM with high ranking monk chants. Service begins at 10 AM, at 11 AM the acceptance of the royal holy mud takes place and 1 PM the funeral will conclude as the coffin will be transported to the family cemetery Yam Nam Hall for burial.

Andrew Lau Wai Keung and his wife arrived at 7AM and was obviously calmer than when he rushed to pay his respect in the middle of last month. He joked that he arrived earlier than reporters and even chatted with Madame. Yesterday Mr. and Mrs. Wong Jing, Mr. and Mrs. Manfred Wong (Man Jun), Mr. and Mrs. Albert Yeung Sau Sing and Natalie Meng Yao also paid their respect.

Wong Jing and his wife arrived around 10 AM. In order to bid farewell to the White Dragon King in Thailand, Wong Jing postponed the shoot of FROM VEGAS TO MACAU (DOH SING FUNG WON) in Macau. He attends today's funeral before returning to Hong Kong. Wong Jing has known the White Dragon King for over 20 years. He said, "Master didn't flaunt his abilities. He urged for his disciples to train and to be filial. He taught me to be have patience and not to throw a tantrum. Back then I crossed many people in the film industry, when I was at the bottom I was ganged up upon. Master told me to be low key, resolve with tolerance and leniency and get over the hard times."

Wong Jing never had a chance to truly come in contact with the Master in the first 6 to 7 years that he knew the Master, later he became his close disciple. The White Dragon King was rumored to have written the word "wealth" on Wong Jing's belly. Wong Jing said, "It was written on my hand. It was a blessing from the Master, he could have written anything."

Meng Yao rushed from Beijing. She was heart broken that the Master has passed away and was on a vegetarian diet for 7 days. "5 years ago Wong Jing brought me to see the White Dragon. The Master said that I could work in the film business and put me at ease. This April after I had my child, I was worried that my career would stall. The Master spoke to me and asked me to find him later. I never expected that day would be our final encounter."

Around 7PM, Mr. and Mrs. Yeung Sau Sing arrived with a police escort. Madame personally welcomed them as disciples erected a human wall to protect them. Yeung Sau Sing embraced and consoled Madame. He was brought to the Hall to present incense sticks. Yeung Sau Sing and his wife stayed for a hour before leaving. "Master helped me with a lot, and I benefited a lot from it. He even helped my friends. Every word of the Master was never wrong. It was very amazing and very holy. His passing was a great loss to me."

The White Dragon King's eldest grandson yesterday was present, reportedly he returned from the U.S. for the funeral. Since the White Dragon King passed away, his successor and the large sum inheritance both caught attention. Madame said that she would not talk much about sensitive subjects. The eldest grandson was present yesterday and placed in the front row, which again led to speculation. When the media asked the White Dragon King's eldest disciple Elder Lo about the inheritance issue and he said that he was not at liberty to discuss private matters.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: hktopten

Kelvin Kwan misspeaks about Dada Chan's condition

DaDa Chan Jing earlier announced her retirement from show business. Two nights ago she continued to be absent from her film HARDCORE COMEDY (CHUNG HAU MEI)'s promotion. Only Susan Shaw Yam Yam, Kelvin Kwan Chor Yiu and Michelle Wai Si Nga and others attended. Sister Yam Yam who once spoke in favor of DaDa said, "It's not the first time that she is missing, it's not the first time that she is moody. She has to change that. She can't be a kid, she has to explain herself clearly to the media and the general public."

In addition, Kwan Chor Yiu blurred out that DaDa was mentally ill and needed stress relief. Later he corrected himself and said it was a mood disorder.

Translated by: hktopten

Gabriel Harrison saves girlfriend from attempted suicide

It was reported that Effie Mok, the girlfriend of former TVB star Gabriel Harrison recently attempted suicide by swallowing 30 sleeping pills.

HK Channel website reported that Effie, who also works as a stylist, left two farewell notes after downing her pills. Her suicide attempt was believed to be caused by an earlier fight with the actor.

Luckily, she was discovered by Harrison in time, and the actor quickly called the ambulance to take her to the hospital.

The Hong Kong tabloid claimed that the incident started on 22 August. While attending a birthday party in Central, the couple had a small argument, which escalated into a big fight. Both Harrison and his girlfriend were then asked by their friends to go home in order to avoid causing more commotion.

Back home in Cyberport, it was alleged that Effie, most likely still under the influence of alcohol, kept Harrison out of their bedroom and tried to kill herself.

She was only found lying unconscious on the bed by the actor at 6.30am the next morning, and was quickly rushed to the hospital.

Meanwhile, the "Relentless Justice" actor has been unreachable for an interview since the incident.

Source: Yahoo! Entertainment

Michael Tse denies new series plagiarised "Double Tap"

Hong Kong actor Michael Tse recently dispelled rumours of plagiarism concerning his new TVB series.

As reported on Wenweipo website, previously, his new series, "Sniper Standoff" has been the subject of scrutiny in online forums, with netizens claiming that the series is a copycat of the late Leslie Cheung movie, "Double Tap", based on the similarities between the series' promotional poster and trailers with the 2000 film.

The actor, who attended the interview on Commercial Radio with Ekin Cheng, Jordan Chan and the rest of the original "Young And Dangerous" cast on 28 August, dismissed allegations of plagiarism, and said that most posters and trailers with guns look similar to one another.

Michael stated, "Don't just judge the series by its poster and trailer. You can make up your mind about it after actually watching it."

When asked if the accusations of plagiarism upset him, the actor shook his head and said, "It's a good thing to be talked about. It also means that people still remember Leslie's movies."

Michael also admitted to having watched the movie, but did not refer to it for research while filming "Sniper Standoff". He also assured that the series and movie are completely different.

Source: Yahoo! Entertainment

Friday, August 30, 2013

Bobby Au Yeung Puts Away Bad Temper, Opens Up In Life

During the Lunar New Year, Bobby Au Yeung suffered from acute pneumonia and was admitted to the ICU for rescue. After this life threatening experience, Bobby's becomes even more open-minded. He puts away his bad temper and cherishes the people around him. His relationship with his wife got even better. After getting through the the illness, Bobby felt like he came back to life. Doesn't that mean got something good out of a setback?

BOBBY: People can just be that frail. On the second night of Lunar New Year, I was having a good time and wanted to take a short nap, perhaps I ate too much during the new year and the food went into my lungs while I was sleeping that led to the pneumonia. When I gain conscious again, the doctor joked: "You were lucky Bobby, from all the ones who came into the ICU today, you were the only one we were able to rescue." I was fortunate to come back to this world, I was able to see again, but because of all the tubes connected to me, I couldn't talk or move. I communicated to the doctor with pen and paper; the first question I asked was whether I had a stroke? The doctor reassured me, he said it was acute pneumonia. Actually, at the time I didn't even know what that was, haha. After all, as long as I could move. What I feared most was getting a stroke.

I went through a difficult time in the ICU. When I was in a coma, I was aware and had feelings. It felt like the medical staff were moving me to the bed, and the doctor checked my eyes. I wanted to move, but couldn't. Luckily the rescue was quick. The doctor said if the rescuing had delayed, the brain could lose too much oxygen and become slugglish. While I was in the ICU, the machines were very loud. I asked the doctor if I could get a new room, but he said: "This is the ICU Bobby, where else do you want to go?" Its truly an once in a lifetime. At the time, I felt exhausted. I closed my eyes and went straight to sleep, but then I feared I wouldn't wake up. I had machines attached to me all over. Haha, the doctor mentioned the moment I woke up, I opened my eyes wide and stared. I'm all better now, the doctor said I probably did many good deeds and told me to keep it up.

After this incident, my wife and I have an even better relationship. I know my wife was very worried about me. When I was discharged, we just couldn't hold in our emotions. I never have to discuss with my wife, she has very high EQ and very sharp. She can explain something in a few words. Gave her everything -- home, car, diamonds... actually we are not about that kind of stuff. I gave my whole self to her, she handles everything. She had always been responsible for the household matters, I'm just responsible in signing the papers. I trust her the most. My views on life hasn't really changed much, still the same, cherish everyone around you. Not just my wife and family, but all friends and each person you encounter. In an unpleasant way, you have the present life but not the next life. Don't throw random tantrums. My temperament is not as good as what everyone thinks.

Esther is one of Bobby's Best Partners

When speaking of my good partner Esther Kwan, she always had that crave for acting. Before she had to look after her daugther, but now she's grown up a bit and even before we asked her to participate in Always and Ever, I asked Nick Cheung first. He supported her, and said Esther loves to work. If Nick said no, then we'll be in trouble. Its hard for us to find a ood partner. Can't be too old or young. Its difficult to communicate when someone holds their phone more than the script. Esther doesn't hold a phone, she holds onto the script.

My last series with Esther was Legendary of Four Aces, but there isn't much of a difference collaborating with her again this time. I maintained my standard NGing spree, haha. Of course, there is NG when there is expectations. Esther is one of my best partners. If you don't know her, you might think she's very strict. Ram Chiang said only I could handle her. All I do is just make her feel happy and chat with her. When she's waiting for the cameras to roll, she doesn't move at all, so nobody dares to provoke her. Esther said she's happier working with me than with Nick.

As for the TV ratings, as long as it reaches 30 points. The ratings for our time slot is normally lower than Triumph in the Skies II's time slot. When I go out for dinner, people tell me they're watching the series and the gags are really funny, its very "Bobby", but I'm afraid some gags might upset people because how would Justice Sung say such things, how could he speak so much English and all the silly expressions, I was afraid people will say I'm exaggerating. I had a chat with the editor about this and he said just go right ahead and do it. You know the audience nowadays are so picky. We must use the dialogue to package, just like the origin of "wai mo" and the line "You're Ram Chiang with a mustache", those lines I thought of on the spot. Comedies are done that way, must crash something out with your colleagues.

Grateful of Blessings, Pays Debt of Gratitude to TVB

I'm starting a new series in November. I personally like to work, never have I thought of retiring and enjoy the world. Retiring so early, I fear I won't have enough money to spend. Haha. Working is like leisure to me. Comparing work in China and Hong Kong, I would say I enjoy working in China more. I get 10 hours of rest, get enough sleep. In Hong Kong, even if I had 10 hours to rest, minus my commute home, I only get 8 hours. Let alone no time for rest. In China, they really give you sufficient time to rest.

TVB attracts me, purely to pay a debt of gratitude. One must be grateful of all their blessings. Honestly, if there wasn't TVB, there wouldn't be me. As for the terms, just as long as it follows the market values, then I'm fine. You won't pay me enough no matter what, as long as you have the heart. That's just the rules of the game in Hong Kong. After so many years, there is the recognition, the collaboration isn't about not being able to operate without someone. I'm happy to see the producers and my colleagues when I go back to TVB. In this industry, the income you get from TVB is the bottom line, it is the lowest index, but it depends on how you look at it. Once there is agreement on the terms, then that's how it is, can't complain. I just think of it like this, TVB helps me advertise and didn't charge me a fee, that's already really good. I should be the one paying them, hahaha! Of course there are other companies that want me to join them, Ricky Wong approached me before too, but at the time I still had a contract and that didn't work out.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum

Raymond Lam Protects Karena BB & Attends Niki Chow's Birthday Party

Raymond Lam and Karena Ng announced their relationship in February, and since then their love had been high-profile. Unfortunately, this stirred up a group of upset Netizens. Lately, Netizens had been making spoofs of her pictures and threatening Karena BB. One Netizen "get fingers cut by a vegetable knife", "die from depression" and "burn ritual money to her" on the discussion topic "Karena Boils Out into Showbiz". The comments are very extreme. Karena's fans angrily fought back. Some Netizens suspected Raymond's ex-girlfriend Mavis Pan had something to do with it or a hardcore Raymond fan did it.

As the situation is getting serious, Raymond flys back to Hong Kong immediately after completing The Virtuous Queen of Han in Hengdian to "rescue his girlfriend"! Aside from accompanying her everywhere, he took Karena to good friend Niki Chow's 34th birthday party. Karena BB was like "in the house" as she met Raymond's good friends including Niki's sister Kathy Chow, Chilam Cheung and his wife Anita Yuen, Christine Ng and her husband Kasey, Michael Tse, etc.

The birthday girl Niki wrote on Weibo: "Six Virgos celebrating their birthdays together. So meaningful! A very pleasant evening, had good food, good chats, pretty and warm! Its great having you all! thanks all!"

Also, yesterday (8/30) was Tavia Yeung's birthday as well. She celebrated with the crew in Mainland. Yesterday morning Tavia couldn't wait to share her happiness, she wrote on Weibo: "Today on my birthday, although I couldn't celebrate in Hong Kong, I still have the crew and colleagues celebrating with me. Its also the god-level photographer (Bo Gor) and the costume design auntie birthdays too. I'm definitely not alone on my birthday. Thank you all for the blessings. Wish everyone good health and a happy life. Cheers!"

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum