Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Anita Yuen and Julian Cheung want to have a daughter

The actor reportedly convinced his wife to use artificial insemination to conceive

Unlike hubby Julian Cheung, whose popularity soared after playing “Captain Cool” in Triumph in the Skies II, Hong Kong actress Anita Yuen has suffered much backlash for her role as “Sheng Queue” in Chinese drama Longmen Express.

The Chinese drama, which debuted on July 30, has been drawing lackluster viewership since it aired, with detractors criticizing the drama for being “low-quality” and “lacking in interest”.

In the drama, Anita plays a strong character who occasionally swears. Unhappy about the use of foul words in the show, netizens had earlier taken to the Internet, accusing the actress of being a bad role model for children.

Unhappy with the negative feedbacks from her latest drama, hubby Julian was spotted accompanying Anita on a shopping trip recently. According to a source, the actor was concerned for his wife and wanted to pacify her.

“Anita stopped filming after giving birth to their son. This drama (Longmen Express) marks her return to showbiz after the long hiatus, so naturally she has high hopes for it. Unfortunately, the results weren’t as expected, and she’s definitely unhappy. Aside from buying Anita presents to cheer her up, Julian has also been convincing his wife to stop working and focus on getting pregnant with a daughter instead.”

According to sources, the actress had in recent months stopped work to prepare for her seven-year-old son’s primary school admission, and also intends to heed her husband’s suggestions of trying for a second child.

The 41-year-old actress, who previously opposed the use of artificial insemination to conceive, was said to have changed her mind after taking into account her age.

Source: Xinmsn Entertainment

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