Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fala Chen Spotted Sit Family's New Van, Reconciles with Neway Prince

A month ago, Fala Chen indirectly implied she broke up with her "husband", the Neway Prince, Daniel Sit Sai Hang and ended their 7 year relationship. A year ago, the couple were rumored to have been secretly married in the US, but earlier it was rumored they had changes in their relationship and they ended up splitting their assets. Fala moved out of their "love nest" in Ho Man Tin and stopped using the Sit family's 7-seater black van that she usually used to get around. When Fala indirectly implied she broke up with Daniel, she went to the US for continuing studies and to recover from her love injuries.

A few days ago, Fala comes back from the US and it was said this trip actually helped patch up the relationship with her "husband". It appears Fala and Daniel had difficulty giving up their 7 year relationship, not only did they kept in touch, but that day when Fala attended the TITS2 promotional event, she was asked about the "divorce" rumor, although she did not speak too much about it, she did express her home is still in Ho Man Tin. Is her "husband" still living there as well? Fala kept her mouth shut, but their love nest's lease has already expired, Fala made this trip back to renew the lease, so she and her "husband" can have a comfortable home to live in and happily reconcile.

After returning to HK, Fala attended the film promotion for Tales from the Dark I & II and her series TITS2. She appeared to be in a fabulous mood. After the events, her "father-in-law" brand new 7-seater van came to pick her up. The license plate had a China-HK tag and has never been exposed in public before. When Fala got in the van, the driver took great care of her and quickly helped the "Prince's Wife" open the door.

When Fala got to her destination and came out from the van. Reporters came running to her for interviews, she smiled and continued walking into a building for her next job. At 6pm, Fala finished working and when coming out of the building, reporters were there waiting for her. She smiled at reporters: "You guys are still waiting?"

The happy Fala waved goodbye to reporters several times and then rushed into the van and headed back to the love nest. Reporters asked what is her relationship with Daniel like now? Fala smiled sweetly and said to reporters: "I have to get into the car."

A month ago, Nancy Wu and Fala flew to Malaysia to promote TITS2. At the time, the series hadn't aired yet, but coincidentally Fala's break up rumor was widely rumored at the time and she became a target for the headlines. Nancy witnessed Fala had not been emotionally affected by the rumor. She said: "Fala is the same, just as happy. She came back from her studies in the US, I met her a few days ago at the TITS2 promotion, I think she's even more spirited than before. I can tell she really enjoyed the time she had while studying in the US. (It was rumored they reconciled?) I'm not sure, after all that is her personal business. Also Fala rarely talks about her relationships with others."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum

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