Sunday, August 11, 2013

Fala Chen Admits Her Acting Has Room for Improvement

The Triumph in the Skies II lead actress Fala Chen finally makes an appearance at the promotional event for the film Tales from the Dark I & II with Gordon Lam. It was said Fala is back in HK to seek “alimony” from “ex-husband” Daniel Sit, whom she had alleged divorced. Fala expressed she and Daniel have consensus and will not respond to the rumors. However, she does admit they still keep in touch. Asked if she still lives in Man Tin? She laughed: “I’m still renting this place. (Mr. Sit lives there too?) I cannot speak for him on his whereabouts. (Any chance to reconcile?) Haha! Even my mother hasn’t asked this question, no comment!” She smiled and said her classmates from New York are younger, she didn’t have any “affairs” nor does she feel anxious to. Actually Fala hopes to reach to a new level in her acting career development. “TVB and Mainland managers have approached me, I will primarily look at how much development opportunities there are, nothing has been confirmed yet. (What about Ricky Wong?) Nope.”

It was said she has poor acting in TITS2 and that she’s been fighting for more screen time, thus kicking Myolie Wu and Kate Tsui out. In response, Fala thanked the audience for the concern and tolerance. She admitted there is room for improvement in her acting, but she joked: “There are so many people in TVB, I do not know who to ask for more screen time.

Also, Myolie Wu was the judge for a HK Knowledge Competition. When speaking of Fala Chen having more screen time than her in Triumph in the Skies II, Myolie expressed she has no fear: “Facing two handsome men, that even harder to handle. Luckily, I was able to avoid it. This series I have less screen time, then next time I can have more.”

Source: The Sun
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum

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