Monday, August 12, 2013

Lan Kwai Fong 3 Producer Shuffles The Deck Anew

DaDa Chan Jing's sudden retirement has yielded numerous rumors. Yesterday her belly was rumored to be "swollen". Earlier when she attended LAN KWAI FONG 3 (HEI OI YEH PO 3) production start ceremony she was much fuller and admitted that she gained 8 pounds. She said that sh had to lose weight before work began. She resigned on the eve of LAN 3's production start, speculation was inevitable. DaDa's manager Celia Sie Lim Chi yesterday still has not made contact with DaDa. She has not heard about DaDa's "belly "rumor" either. Earlier she revealed that she would discuss the matter with a lawyer, she said that she has not taken any action yet.

LAN 3 went without DaDa but the film still had to continue the shoot. Earlier Director Wilson Chin Kwok Wai revealed that he would pull DaDa's original story and adjust the script anew. Producer Ng Kin Hung wrote online, "Shuffle the deck anew, LAN KWAI FONG 3 gets stronger and stronger." A fan responded, "A mouse's dropping stank up the whole pot of rice!" Ng Kin Hung said, "Dropping scrapping in progress." Playing hot night spot boss lady in LAN 3, Christine Ng Wing Mei posted, "Whether wet and dry clean, this lady will shuffle the schedule to support you."

Lady Ng said that DaDa's resignation also messed up her work schedule. She would continue to support Ng Kin Hung and did not mind make room for the shoot in her schedule. Lady Ng said that she did not know DaDa and believed that everyone had their reasons of doing something. She had no comment. Pseudo models in the film would have sexy performance, Lady Ng said that she also prepared clothing to show her substance.

In addition, yesterday a report claimed that Wong Jing was interested in working on a new film with DaDa and Iris Chung Choi Yi, but DaDa looked down on Iris and turned it down. Yesterday Wong Jing admitted that he would ask DaDa and Chapman To Man Jat for a new film at the end of the year, but about the rumor he said, "My story isn't set yet, it's too early to say anything." To Man Jat yesterday said, "Nothing is confirmed yet, only DaDa and I were confirmed." Ah Jat earlier turned to convince DaDa to take back her retirement decision, but because he has been busy at work he did not follow up. However this film has already been confirmed. Even if DaDa would be unable to perform in the end, the film would not be affected much.

Source: Mingpao, Singtao
Translated by: hktopten 

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