Monday, August 12, 2013

Andy started intense dance rehearsals for his concerts

Andy Lau’s ALways Andy Lau Concert World Tour will start on 11 September 2013 in Shanghai, he’s still energetic despite being 51 years old as he would be singing and dancing for more than 50% of the songs, he will be taking the challenge of Hip Hop, modern, Jazz, Street and Latin dances and others.

He would also in-corporate wu shu into his dancing and he had already start rehearsing for more than one month for 8 hours each day, with all the difficult moves, he had protection on his waist and ankle to prevent any injury being incurred during his crazy dance rehearsals.

Andy always had high requirement for himself, for this concert he specially invited four different dance choreographers in Mui Cheuk Yin, Xing Liang, Shirley Huang and Sunny Wong, to teach and choreograph dances of high difficulties. For the past one month plus he had been rehearsing with more than 20 dancers, he also inserted musical segments as he would be using songs and dances to bring one into a love story of different dimension.

Having to dance and sing, he need to huge a female dancer and do a 360 degree shaking movement, he also need to shake on the ground and somersault movements, no wonder he will be drenched in sweat during the rehearsals. When asked of the content of the concert, he quipped: “I’ll be dead tired when I go home everyday.”

Andy revealed a bit of the concert content: “The dances will be of different types, other than 4 different well known dance choreographers, there will be a musical segment where I will act and dance bringing the fans through different dimensions.” This showed the evergreen Andy Lau.

When quoted that he had already started rehearsing and trained a fit body, Andy quipped: “Every choreographers had their own specialities, different style, to be able to adapt each of their forte is a big help to me.”

Due to the many tough dance moves, the choreographers requested him to put on protection on his waist and ankle during rehearsing as these two parts are easily injured during dance practices. It was not easy to look for a venue when more than 20 dancers to rehearse together, he specially rent a super huge dance studio as he guarantee the fans would be able to watch a performance worth the ticket price.

It is also confirmed that the concert will be staged at Taipei Arena on 28 and 29 December 2013.

Source: Apple Daily News Taiwan, Liberty Times, Headline Daily, Sing Tao, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News, m1905,com
Translated by: AndyLauSounds

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