Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Charmaine Sheh receives offer from TVBC

Rumour has it that TVB China, which is the joint company of TVB, Shanghai Media Group (SMG) and China Media Capital (CMC), has recently offered former TVB resident artiste, Charmaine Sheh a contract.

Joy reported that the actress, who has been offered a lucrative deal by Huayi Brothers, was approached by representatives of TVBC recently to negotiate her price.

Sources claimed that since Charmaine has had a good working relationship with TVB executive, Virginia Lok, the latter also took part in negotiating with the 38-year-old actress.

Among some of the offers made in the RMB 50 million (app. USD 8.1 mil) contract for Charmaine include a period of collaboration of only three years, as well as an opportunity to work with actor Tony Leung Ka-fai.

When asked about the two offers, Charmaine said, "Since my old contract expired in March, I've been thinking about my next move. Both Huayi Brothers and TVBC have offered great conditions but my main worry is the length of the contract. I'm getting old now. I don't want to give myself so much pressure! But my main goal is still to make a name in mainland China."

She also denied reports that Huayi supposedly offered her a lucrative deal of RMB 80 million, saying, "The amount was exaggerated!"

Source: Yahoo! Entertainment

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