Sunday, August 11, 2013

Nick Cheung hopes to win Best Actor again with Unbeatable

Nick Cheung Ka Fai and director Dante Lam Chiu Yin, child actress Crystal Lee Hing Hau yesterday appeared in Mongkok to promote the film UNBEATABLE (GIK JIN). Cheung Ka Fai said that he has not come to Mongkok in a long time and already forgot when the last time was.

UNBEATABLE after its premiere and test screenings had decent responses, as industry insiders all gave praises. Cheung Ka Fai said, "Morale is very high. This film is different from past Lam Chiu Yin work. This time he achieved balance, aside from the exciting action it also had warmth. It is also suitable for female viewers." Many have praised his UNBEATABLE performance as better than his Best Actor winning BEAST STALKER (JING YUN). Cheung Ka Fai said, "I of course want to win again and again, but I want to break through myself the most. I am planning to work with Lam Chiu Yin on an unprecedented period film."

Source: Mingpao, Singtao,
Translated by: hktopten

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