Sunday, August 11, 2013

Mary Jean Reimer will call Mona Fong for Negotiation

The grand master of a generation Lau Kar Leung months ago passed away from illness. His widow Mary Jane Reimer (Yung Jing Jing) and their two daughters with family, friends and disciples yesterday held a final seven ceremony in Tai Po Ling Wan Temple. They presented incense and chanted in hopes of Master Lau reaching Sukhavati soon. Yung Jing Jing personally cooked vegetarian dishes. Her daughters Man Yi and Hung Yi were hand to help.

Dressed in black Yung Jing Jing appeared to be much calmer and often smiled. She said that after the ceremony the Temple would has a spirit tablet officially for Master Lau and chant for him. His ashes later will be placed in Po Fook Hill and a spirit tablet will also be at home. Yung Jing Jing said, "Earlier when I retrieved the Master's old watch, I got sentimental and shed tears. I have to learn to control my emotions."

Speaking of the Shaw bonus progress, Yung Jing Jing quoted the Buddha. "In Buddhism you have to give before you get. If you are not willing to give, you will never get. Two nights ago I spoke with those involved and the reply was three words, 'nothing to give'. Yet this result cannot represent Madame Run Run Shaw (Mona Fong) or Mr. Shaw's comment. So far I still haven't received a call from Mrs. Shaw. I will wait awhile, ultimately I have been talking to an employee. It may not be representative." When asked if further action will be taken, Yung Jing Jing said, "Later I will personally call Fong Yat Wa to follow up, which should be done. Ultimately she is my elder." Will she give up? Yung Jing Jing described that this was for charity, she hoped to be able to perform this good deed. "Because of my launch, Mr. and Mrs. Shaw will be able to do something charitable and indirectly for Master Lau. I very much hope that they are willing."

Sin Kwok Lam supported the move. He said, "Shaw doesn't have to feel it's an old debt collection. This time is only an excuse, feeling that Master's contribution to Shaw will be able to get something started and donate a sum to repay show business. I feel what we take the society we use in the society. Shaw and Lau Kar Leung's relationship is inseparable and should support this fund." Sin Kwok Lam revealed that he was having a tombstone made that will take up 15 niches. It is still being designed. Hopefully it will display Master's film achievements and kung fu. Rose Chan Ka Wun wished for her master's master a safe journey and his kung fu and spirit will endure.

Source: Mingpao,
Translated by: hktopten

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