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Wilson Chin blasts Dada Chan for Lacking Professionalism

DaDa Chan Jing suddenly announced her retirement from show business due to emotional disorder. She and her manager still had a contract with over 5 years as well as film, advertising and business performance contracts. Some have estimated the damage to reach HK$10 million. She also had to carry the name of lacking actor's ethics. LAN KWAI FONG 3 (HEI OI YEH PO 3) director Wilson Chin Kwok Wai yesterday blasted DaDa, blaming her for a lack of professionalism and appeasing her "princess disorder"; the film company would pursue any damage her sudden resignation has caused to the end.

When DaDa started and made LAN KWAI FONG (HEI OI YEH PO) she was already the lead actress. Chin Kwok Wai invited her to collaborate again on LAN 3. The film was about to start production in days when she suddenly retired and messed up the plan. Yesterday Chin Kwok Wai was vry upset about DaDa's vanishing. He said that he was already sounding all alarms to look for DaDa but has not received any reply. Her manager Celia Sie Lim Chi repeatedly apologized to her and said that she has not been able to contact DaDa either. She said that she would take legal action against DaDa.

Chin Kwok Wai said that LAN 3 will soon start production. Now h could only pull DaDa's story. She needed not feel that she was very influential, as he only needed to strengthen other story lines or add actors. DaDa's character in LAN 3 was a continuation of the one in LAN KWAI FONG. Th story developed to after she got married but she still wanted to go out at night.

Chin Kwok Wai said, "DaDa's behavior set a bad example, lacked professionalism, did not follow the spirit of the contract and had no actor ethics. She just resigned with one line online, even her manager has lost contact. (Will she be blacklisted?) With this behavior working together again will be very hard."

Chin Kwok Wai said that DaDa's irresponsibility was disappointing, not only making others suffer monetary losses but also adding a lot of trouble. If she had mood disorder did she have proof from the doctor? At least she should ask the question and then discuss how to handle it, no one could force her but she could not vanish without a sound. He said, "She indeed has a disorder, it's princess disorder. Throwing a tantrum over reports that she "bullied" a junior colleague, she is an irresponsible actress. She dislikes it and just quits? She Cannot be appeased."

Earlier before LAN 3, Chin Kwok Wai pointed out that he discussed the script with DaDa many times. She was not resistant. She also attended the script read through with our actors and the costume fitting, and appeared to be very happy. He said, "I am the most afraid of the outside misunderstanding me for forcing DaDa to do something, during the script negotiation she was not displeased." Some pointed out that DaDa withstood a lot of pressure? Chin Kwok Wai said that some actors after 20 years still did not have an opportunity or award, whose pressure would be greater? He said that this was an excuse, why did she so flashy and have no pressure who she attended film festivals overseas? Did DaDa's resignation impact the film? Chin Kwok Wai said that work had to be stopped for a few days, and a over 100 people dance scene had to be changed.

Producer Ng Kin Hung said that the damage had to be calculated, currently the production issue had to be handled first. He and DaDa have worked together a few times, aside from LAN KWAI FONG they also worked on HARDCORE COMEDY (CHUNG HAU MEI). Her salary also kept rising; this incident was quite regrettable; the film company would pursue the damage that her sudden resignation has caused to the end.

DaDa's manager Sie Lim Chi said that she has lost contact with DaDa and would not take action the next few days. Conceivably when she read the reports she would realize she was in big trouble; if she still has not appeared by Monday she would discuss the matter with a lawyer.

Meanwhile as everyone thought that she truly had mood disorder, yesterday morning she was secretly working on Pang Ho Cheung's film. She was obviously dodging LAN 3. The trigger of the incident actually was DaDa being upset with Ava Yu Kiu having a bigger role than hers. She was also upset that she was interviewed with Mika Siu and Celia Kwok Wing Yi on the day of the production start, which made her moody.

DaDa originally was the one who wanted to take part in LAN 3. The team also started production early because of her. Now she turned on the team and instead worked on another film. Sie Lim Chi admitted, "Around noon I got a call from the director (Pang Ho Cheung) that DaDa went to work. DaDa's behavior is irresponsible, I am very disappointed in her. (Was she upset that Yu Kiu had a bigger rol?) DaDa indeed has asked me why!" Director Pang only said, "I am working on another film, I am not sure about anything else." Reportedly DaDa was only guest starring in that film and has already completed 80% of her role. Since she announced her retirement, the director originally planned to wrap up with a double. Yet in the morning he was able to get in contact with DaDa and finally she appeared on the set. Outsiders speculated that DaDa found a big backer, but actually she was not dating. She was just moody. However her "ostrich strategy" might cost her HK$10 million in contract breaking damages.

Yu Kiu yesterday admitted that she was the benefactor. "We have known each other for two weeks and aren't familiar. (Gregory) Wong Chung Hiu said that she was very direct. If she didn't like me, she would tell me directly. (Is your role bigger than hers?) We don't have anything to do with each other, we work separately! During the meeting the film stipulated two lead actresses and the ratio was the same, but my story was with (Jason) Chan Pak Yu and hers was in a love triangle. If you have to count then indeed I have more screen time. (Did you benefit?) Only a few minutes! Because the company notified me about the production delay, I took the few hours to get my hair done. At night I will work on LAN 3."

"Victim" Wong Chung Hiu said that he would the director's decision. Whitney Hui Yik Nei was to play DaDa and Wong Chung Hiu's third party. She said that she was already happy to have a part and believed that she would not be affected.

Chapman To Man Jat and DaDa were close and was very worried about her condition. Yesterday morning Ah Jat and DaDa talked on the phone but he did not reveal what it was about. He only said, "In this business no one is an absolute necessity. Back then when Bruce Lee passed away, GAME OF DEATH still wrapped. Yet I feel a person has to be responsible, when you resign you have to give an advanced notice! Before you retire don't you have to finish all your jobs first? Thus I would try to talk to her. (How was her mood?) Her mood really isn't so stable, so I plan to wait until she cools down first before communicating with her in a few days."

DaDa's colleague and co-star Kwok Wing Yi yesterday admitted that DaDa threw a tantrum about Yu Kiu having a bigger role than her. "About a month ago when we first got the script, DaDa called me and said why would her role be smaller than Yu Kiu. She even said that she would fight for it with the manager. Later I didn't ask again if she was successful. I wasn't interested in finding out because having a part was already great for me. (Did DaDa sound very upset?) She was very upset. She said that she didn't want to have such a small role."

As for DaDa looking down on her junior colleagues and even not wanting to take photos with them, Celia helplessly said, "Yes, she doesn't like to take photos with others. She wants to be photographed alone. Maybe everyone's levels are different. Best Supporting Actress, she won an award! (Did DaDa personally say to you that she did not want to take pictures together?) She would tell me to have mine taken first. I wasn't upset because our positions were different."

Source: Mingpao,
Translated by: hktopten

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