Friday, August 9, 2013

Johnson Lee stunned by breakup announcement

Bobo Wong may have recently declared that she is single, but it seems that her alleged boyfriend, Johnson Lee, knows nothing about it.

According to Groove Asia, the actor, who was attending a magic show event recently, was perplexed when he was told that Bobo has announced that she is not dating anyone.

Instead of confirming the news, the confused actor asked reporters, "Is that what she said?"

When asked again to confirm the breakup rumours, Johnson stated, "I never answer these questions in public. I don't like to use my relationships for free publicity."

The "Office Of Practical Jokes" host was even more frustrated when asked if he's currently single, and helplessly replied, "What do you want me to say? I never talk about these things."

However, he admitted that Bobo has a very special place in his heart, "We have an extremely good relationship. She will forever be my closest friend and it had never changed. If I said we don't know each other well, then I'm lying. I'll be a bad man. My relationship with her didn't change."

He continued, "Bobo can say anything she wants at any time. I will respect her thoughts. People have their freedom. But I want to compliment her because she had been great after all these years."

Source: Yahoo! Entertainment

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