Monday, August 19, 2013

Kary Ng says Shawn Yue is traditional

Hong Kong singer Kary Ng recently talked about her breakup with actor Shawn Yue and hinted that she was the one who ended the relationship.

As reported on 163, the singer, who accepted an interview with TVB's "Scoop", expressed that the two of them really loved each other but couldn't work it out in the end as they have different focuses in life.

Kary stated "We never argue and we are still good friends. I have been fine since the breakup. I've used most of my time recording songs so not to be distracted with feelings."

She also dismissed previous rumours that the breakup was caused by Shawn's unfaithfulness, and added that the "SDU: Sex Duties Unit" star has always been a family man.

The singer revealed, "The public kept accusing him of being a player, but he has always wanted to get married and have a family of his own. He is a traditional man and wants a woman who can cook and take care of him. But I am a career-oriented person. I just like to work all the time."

Source: Yahoo! Entertainment

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