Monday, August 12, 2013

Kelvin Kwan Laments That Dada Chan Did Not Cherish Her Opportunities

Kelvin Kwan Chor Yiu yesterday attended the TeaWood restaurant branch store opening. He admitted that he was lucky. Over half a year ago he worked on a micro movie to promote the restaurant. He did not expect how effective it was. He said, "I became good friends with the boss, hopefully later I will have a chance to buy in and make money together; because I have always wanted to open a music restaurant and supper club." He admitted that with his September concert on the way, he was inevitably nervous and had a lot of pressure. Yet even with a lot of pressure he would not easily quit, seemingly he took a jab at his co-star DaDa Chan Jing. Kwan Chor Yiu said, "I feel it's very regrettable and wasteful. Actually as a friend, I would support her decision. However she could have handled it a little better, even if she was resigning she had to make sure how her remaining work had to be handled. Honestly, I have missed a lot of valuable chances. After that I worked with 200% effort because I understood that chances were rare. The film industry had many people who have toiled for years for a chance. DaDa had many good opportunities but did not know how to cherish them." Kwan Chor Yiu revealed that two nights ago at the HARDCORE COMEDY (CHUNG HAU MEI) film promotion, although DaDa was absence many viewers took the initiative to send her their regards and concerns. Hopefully she would be able to calm down and handle the matter at hand.

Source: Mingpao,
Translated by: hktopten 

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