Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Matthew Ko gets too chummy with ex-girlfriend

TVB actor Matthew Ko was spotted getting chummy with his ex-girlfriend Haruka at a club recently.

According to Sina, the actor, who broke up with the Japanese actress last year after only a month of relationship, was seen chatting with a Japanese woman at a night club in Central, who is later recognised to be Haruka herself.

The actor, who seemed to have drunk a lot of alcohol that night, became friendlier and more open as the time went by and eventually made out with the Japanese actress in front of his good friend, Vin Choi.

Both of them left the premises at 4am together and were spotted going to a hotel at Lan Kwai Fong.

When asked about the encounter, Matthew denied that the two of them have reconciled, saying, "We're just intimate friends. She came to Hong Kong lately, and I was just entertaining. We were only like that because we had a little too much to drink."

The actor also revealed that although he was unwilling to part with the Japanese actress when she left him the first time, the chances of them getting back together are slim.

He expressed, "She's an actress in Japan. If she could stay, that would be great. But unfortunately, she is flying back home."

Source: Yahoo! Entertainment

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