Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Nick Cheung stresses that he is not cashing in

Nick Cheung recently addressed criticism over his decision to re-enact the mysterious death of Canadian student, Elisa Lam in his directorial debut, "Yulan Magic".

As reported on Groove Asia, previously, Nick admitted that he has re-enacted the infamous CCTV clip of an elevator scene that played a huge part in the mysterious death of the late Elisa Lam, which made headlines around the world in February.

However, many are questioning Nick's decision, stating that he deliberately tried to cash in from the tragedy.

To this, Nick clarified, "I had no intention to add her story in my movie, despite the bizarreness of the case. But the screenwriter suggested that we add a little gimmick. I thought it was possible, so I did it. But it was not the initial plan."

He added after a thought, "The case was very heart breaking and I don't want everyone to think that I wanted to offend the victims. The film isn't trying to stress that Elisa's death was caused by spiritual possession. We're just putting a design into the film. We have no intention to offend anybody."

Source: Yahoo! Entertainment

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