Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ron Ng reveals that he suffers from liver disease

The Hong Kong actor said that the illness started seven years ago

According to Hong Kong media reports, actor Ron Ng has been a long-time sufferer of liver disease.

During a radio interview in Hong Kong yesterday, the actor revealed that work has taken a toll on his health since seven years ago, and that co-star Francis Ng from his new TVB drama series, Triumph in the Skies II, would often bring alcohol along to the filming site.

It was also reported that Ron’s health ailment is a result of irregular working hours and frequent all-nighters during drama filming in China.

In response, Ron said, “Actually, I’ve been visiting Chinese physicians since seven years ago, when I first discovered that my liver had swelled to three times the normal size. For the situation to improve, the liver needs to become smaller, but that hasn’t happen yet, and I’d need to continue my traditional Chinese medicine treatments.”

When asked if he had quit drinking because of his health, Ron replied that he “tries not to drink as much as possible”, but cannot avoid it during work events and celebratory parties.

The actor also added that his co-star Francis would often bring alcohol to the filming site, and that it would be wrong of him not to “give face” and refuse to drink.

Meanwhile in Hong Kong, there have been lots of talks over Fala Chen’s full bareback scenes in Triumph in the Skies II, which were censored for broadcast.

When asked about it, Ron replied, “I haven’t seen the scenes myself. Perhaps it’s the audience who do not like such scenes that’s why it had to be edited out from the drama.”

“As actors who work hard on every scene, of course we’d hope to air everything for the audience enjoyment. “

Source: Xinmsn Entertainment

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