Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Virginia Lok wants Charmaine Sheh back

TVB Executive Virginia Lok recently confirmed the rumours that she has been helping TVB China (TVBC) to secure a deal with former TVB actress, Charmaine Sheh, reported Joy website.

Virginia, who accepted a tele-interview recently, stated, "Of course I want Charmaine to return to TVB but since she's popular, a lot of companies are fighting to get her too."

When asked to confirm the hefty price tag that TVBC has offered, Virginia stated that the amount is confidential, and added, "The fee is not the main negotiation point. Other factors such as the relationship between company and artistes are also taken into consideration."

Meanwhile, when asked if she would prefer to work for TVB, Charmaine recently revealed that she prefers to work in mainland China instead of signing on to a long contract with an agency.

In related news, the "War And Beauty" actress will be filming a new series with TVB in 2014.

Source: Yahoo! Entertainment

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