Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Anita Yuen sunbathes with "Captain Cool"

Anita Yuen's way of de-stressing from the bad reviews about her role in Chinese drama, "Longmen Express", is by lying under the sun with her good-looking husband, Julian Cheung.

According to Yes Entertainment, the actress, who recently suffered backlash from viewers for her role as Sheng Qiuyue in her new drama, turned to Weibo on 11 August and posted a photo of herself and husband, Julian Cheung sunbathing together.

The actress cheekily wrote, "I'm getting sunshine with Captain Cool."

As to the criticisms about her acting, Anita stated, "I've read several comments on various websites [about the role]. As for the negative feedback, I will accept them and work harder in future."

It was particularly difficult for Anita since Julian's character as the ladies' man, Captain "Cool" Jayden Koo in "Triumph In The Skies II" has been a big hit among fans of the series.

Source: Yahoo! Entertainment

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