Friday, August 9, 2013

Elena Kong's Bed Scenes with Kenneth Ma More Intense than "Black Stockings"

Triumph in the Skies II does not only highlight the airline industry, but is also rich on the relationships. Among the many couples, Kenneth Ma and Elena Kong develop a passionate "sister-brother" relationship. In the series, Elena plays flight attendant Heather, who divorced her husband and finds herself lonely. Kenneth plays Roy, the two-timer pilot. He and Elena were troubled by the secrets that only they knew and gradually became good friends. Eventually, the two developed a heated and passionate "sister-brother" relationship, just the bed scenes alone, there are four of them! No wonder Elena joked: "Even more intense then the black stocking!"

Kenneth and Elena were full of smiles when they talked about their relationship. Kenneth disclosed they came up with a lot of the ideas [to show development of their relationship] and rationalized it to make it more in line with the plot. Elena said: "Even the bed scenes, we discussed why it happened and what we were thinking after the fact! Because we have to convince ourselves in order to get into character." As such, they magnified Roy's youth and energy, and Heather's maturity and considerate nature. Kenneth frankly expressed this relationship fits very well with how men and women are like in today's society. "Models the men today, whom are fully grown and still live with their families. These men are used to being taken care of, so they need a woman to help them make decisions. To some extent, the guy is able to satisfy the girl's passion."

In reality, Kenneth is a well known 'seun poon', but he expressed he felt really excited to play Roy. "I was very into character, the things I don't dare to do in real life, I can do them in the series!" But, last year in Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles Elena seduced Damian Lau with a sexy black stocking and then went to seduce Ron Ng. This time she 'hooks up' with Kenneth, no wonder she sighed that its pressuring: "I really do get one each year! His fans have been scolding at me on Weibo!"

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum

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