Monday, August 12, 2013

Gillian Chung denies filming nude scene

Gillian Chung recently addressed the controversy regarding a clip showing her character's bare back in the trailer of her upcoming film, "The Fox Lover".

As reported on Groove Asia, a recently released clip from the new trailer showed the nude back of Gillian's character facing a stunned Julian Cheung. However, upon closer inspection, the person in the trailer looks bigger than the actress herself.

When asked about the scene, Gillian's manager, Mani Fok explained, "It was not Gillian, but her body double."

She added, "We didn't even know that there would be a body double to do such scenes because in the contract they stipulated that the film should not use the service of a body double without Gillian's prior knowledge."

Mani also revealed that they are planning to discuss the issue with the film production and handle the matter from there onwards.

The mainland 3D film, "The Fox Lover", will be released in late September.

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