Monday, August 12, 2013

Nancy Wu denies hostile treatment towards Bosco Wong

"Triumph In The Skies II" star, Nancy Wu, recently laughed off rumours of her hostile treatment towards her good friend Myolie Wu's ex-boyfriend, Bosco Wong, Xinhuanet reported.

At the set of their upcoming series, "Mr. & Mrs. Bean", Nancy commented on the photographic evidence taken at the filming location, Nancy expressed, "The report is too funny. They took pictures taken on two separate days and said it was from one day."

She continued, "It's all in the past, so don't keep on pestering about this thing in front of Myolie. Bosco and I are fine. We had a great time filming together."

Nancy also revealed that she will be playing Bosco's wife in the economic series, "Midas".

When asked if Myolie has been avoiding her former boyfriend of eight years, Nancy replied. "Of course not. She's not that type of person. That is totally unrelated."

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