Monday, August 12, 2013

Michael Miu rumoured to join HKTV

Following Michael Miu's withdrawal from the upcoming TVB drama, "Midas", rumour has it that the actor is planning to begin a career in TVB's rival station HKTV.

Apple Daily reported that despite citing clashing scheduled as the reason for his withdrawal, in actuality, the actor has received an offer from HKTV's CEO, Ricky Wong to star in a drama series with Maggie Cheung Ho-yee.

An insider alleged, "Michael made his return in 2004 because he loves filming dramas. Although he started off as lead star, eventually he was downgraded to playing second fiddle. He was not happy about it."

The report seemed to support an earlier interview Michael did with the media, saying, "I've been in this industry for so many years and have portrayed many different types of characters. Essentially, I filmed one drama for TVB each year. Although they have thought about what kind of character I should play, it is quite hard for me, as I have been offered a lot of similar roles, like a policeman. What else is out there for me?"

It was also alleged that after seeing his good friend Felix Wong join HKTV, Michael felt that it was easier for him to make the move.

Meanwhile, several other actors said to have been offered a place in HKTV include "Sergeant Tabloid" star Michael Tse, "Beauty At War" actress Sheren Tang, and Fala Chen, whose latest series "Triumph In The Skies II", is still airing at the moment.

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