Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wilson Chin denies that Christine Ng takes over for Dada Chan

Wilson Chin Kwok Wai yesterday said that he has already removed DaDa Chan Jing's role from LAN KWAI FONG 3 (HEI PO YEH PO 3), which was around 1/4 of the film. He also added new actors, but did not replace DaDa with Christine Ng Wing Mei as rumored. He stressed that Ng Wing Mei's character was already in the film long ago.

Reportedly Gregory Wong Chung Hiu and Whitney Hui Yik Ni would lose their roles completely due to the script change, and DaDa's junior colleague Mika Siu was also penalized and removed from the cast, he said, "No, Hui Yik Nei originally was just going to guest star one or two days. As for Mika Siu, we haven't made a decision yet because of the script change. A lot of punitive matter had nothing to do with them."

Was he able to get in contact with DaDa? Chin Kwok Wai said, "No! Her manager (Celia) Sie Lim Chi wasn't able to find her either, but today Sie Lim Chi will make an announcement." He also pointed out that DaDa's sudden retirement announcement delayed the LAN 3 production start for a week. The originally rent night spot and yacht could not be used in time. Luckily Ng Wing Mei tried to make time in her schedule for the shoot. As for DaDa's contract it was a company contract. Reportedly the company will pursue damages, but as for how much was lost and the final decision reporters should ask the producer.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: hktopten

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